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Welcome to Get2Shine!

Shine, smile and fall in love with life again!

Our desire is to share knowledge, empower and inspire people.

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Enhance your Life

And did you know?
When you shine,
you do inspire others!


Take care of how you feel.
It is the key to set you free!


The Methods

There are three methodologies.
All having the same goal.

To heal & enhance your life!

Personal Development

1-on-1 Coaching & Classes online

Detailed photo of a halved backlit blue
Energy Healing from a Distance

Enjoy it from your home

Lightwork & Spiritual Growth

1-on-1 online classes & certifications

Hi there, I'm Gina.
Nice to have you here.

I'm so delighted you're here. Thank you! May it bring you the inspiration and motivation to enjoy life as much as I do, today.
Let's be honest, coaching and teaching is nothing new. Finding a simple, understandable and heart centred approach however, is rare but so important!

Letting go of struggle will bring in fun. Starting to heal is such a relief. And what's wrong with feeling good?

So go ahead and explore or sign up for the monthly newsletter.  I'm delighted to answer any questions you might have. This could become the new and exciting journey of yours. Enjoy!

With love,
Gina K.


​Certified DCF Teacher

'Transform Your Life'

Empowerment &
Personal Development
Coaching & Classes



Spiritual Growth


Lemurian Crystals

 Certified Master

Advanced 'Atlantean Healing™' Practitioner
Distance Energy Healing

English, Dutch, German, Greek

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