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Body and Soul
1.5 h 
- on Distance -
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Body and Soul Interview

Distance Healing

1 Body and Soul Interview session
1 hour 30 min

The 'Body and Soul Interview' module is designed to:


  • scan and discover what your body needs to strengthen

  • discovering the belief patterns blocking you

  • reprogramming 'unhealthy' believes

  • receive guidance after during and after the treatment

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The Body and Soul Interview

The Body and Soul Interview is one of the three  Atlantean Healing™ module, performed by the advanced practitioners certified as 'Master Atlantean Healing Practitioners'.

Master Atlantean Healing Practitioners™ are trained for using their intuitive skills and channel the Atlantean Healing Energy to tune and connect to your Body and Soul to receive messages to find the root cause of the conditions. The practitioners respect the soul path and soul lessons of the client and support the clients on their path.

After the scanning the practitioner will give feedback using a video call 
for feedback and further guidance.  At this stage, since we talk online, I have implemented an additional present to be added to this healing.
During the conversation we'll define which core belief is currently holding you back.
 With your permission during the interview this particular believe will be

re-programmed at that very moment to serve your Highest Good.

Atlantean Healing Practitioners™ are trained for using their intuitive skills, communicate with the Angels and bring you guidance during and after your treatments. We do not encourage, teach or promote any kind of medical diagnosis or promise to cure an already existing medical condition. In this modality we do not focus on dis-ease but simply acknowledge it so you can  focus on your path for better health. Practitioners are channels for the Atlantean Healing™ energy and use it to help themselves and the planet on our path of healing.


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1 Body & Soul Interview Session


1 hour 30 min

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