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Detailed photo of a halved backlit blue

The Atlantean Healing™ Modules

Allow me to introduce you to the three
 'Advanced Atlantean Healing™' Modules.
All channelled by Birkan Tore and taught internationally today.
The Atlantean Healing Energy is very powerful and yet so amazingly gentle and soft
when receiving it.
'Advanced'  means that the  'Atlantean Healing™ Practitioner' is certified & qualified as a 'Master Atlantean Healing™ Practitioner' .

All these wonderful modules can be enjoyed from your home or any other place you feel most comfortable in.

There is nothing for you to do except:
Find a place where you are undisturbed
   and simply relax during your session.

Once the session has ended, the practitioner will call you for the additional feedback and the guidance received during your treatment.

Find below the 3 different healing sessions

Our client's favourite is by far the  'Atlantean Healing Session'.

Detailed photo of a halved backlit blue
Spinner Dolphins
Atlantean Healing Session

'People's favourite'

Sun light shining through modern style a
Body & Soul Interview

Intuitive Body & Soul Scan

Shell with a pearl.jpg
Soul Retrieval Session

Additional help for trauma release.

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