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Certified DCF Teacher

'Transform Your Life'
Personal Development
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Certified Master

 Atlantean Healing Practitioner
Certified in 2013
Distance Energy Healing


Certified DCF Teacher
 1-on-1 online sessions

Certified DCF Teacher



English, Dutch, German, Greek


Hi there. Thanks for being here!

My name is Georgia Kyriakopoulou and known as Gina to most. I’m Greek of origin, born in the country side of Switzerland in 1969. In 1992 I moved to Amsterdam, which is still my home base today.

I confess. As a young girl I would rather play with friends in nature and climbing trees than sitting in a school bench! The only books I loved to read and learn from, where about psychology, ancient civilizations, esoteric themes and the different healing methods.  Intuition was something I never ever doubted since a child. That is my strength. We ALL have the gift of intuition. I just never doubted it. My family's openness to share dreams and messages has enhanced the development of the intuitive skills strongly in early age. I can't describe how many times intuition has helped me in different situations until today. Everybody is born with intuition!  'People DO have the power’ as Patti Smith sings for years and I couldn’t agree more!  So today, I teach and assist others to discover and develop all those hidden skills and potentials.  


Before transforming my life completely in my 40's and make my dreams reality, I spend years and years in commercial corporate companies. I was very successful but not fulfilled. This is different today! Let's be honest. I was blessed to receive the finest and most professional trainings. Being a  Lead Trainer for Time and National Geographic employees,  travel the world as a Director Sales and  earning a 6-figure salary for a moment. However, I missed something meaningful in work.
It was only when I lost my job that I had to re-think my path. What seemed a 'set back' in life was a blessing!

I'd describe myself as very curious of nature, exploring things in a creative way and turn disadvantages into advantages. Mastering and researching knowledge about life, people and the Universe.  Today, I simplify what I've learned and know how to share it with the world. Never been afraid to speak up for the less fortunate and  staying heart centred as much as I can. 
 I'm in love with life and happy to show you how you can do the same. Interested?

With  Love,

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