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Thank you for your interest to shine and spread your light!


I'm so thrilled to see you checking out this page!
Light workers are needed more than ever before.
It shows me your awareness and desire to do good.

I believe strongly in ethical codes including the doe's and the don't s we all should know doing this most wonderful work!

These trainings are set up such way to provide you

a strong and solid foundation. 


The certification stands for quality, integrity and focus in what you do. Being certified comes handy if you desire a career in the spiritual field.
In case you are interested in Spiritual growth but not necessarily need a certification just contact me for Spiritual Coaching sessions.

I'm happy to hear from you
and answer any questions you might have.

Image by Ilja Tulit
Lightwork Fundamentals

The absolute base to build on your Light Work from day one!

Image by Nika Akin
Lightwork Mastery

Get the Master Certification!

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