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Image by Ilja Tulit

Get2Shine - Lightwork Fundamentals

Certification Training

14h  hours online sessions
split into 3 or 4 sessions
(whatever suits you most)

This beautiful online one-on-one light work training allows you to start your light work from day one!

I strongly believe in a solid and strong foundation which includes ethical knowledge as a 'must know' when starting exploring and practice your beautiful potentialas a light worker. 

You will gain a very strong Foundation and Knowledge base to build on. Whether you are drawn to do healing, mediumship, intuitive reading or any other desired light work direction.
In case you don't know yet, please don't worry.
Your desire is already there and will come up to surface with practising. Things reveal them self at the right time and you ARE already researching to explore, learn and know more about it.

This training includes a lot of information, exercises and practice, practice, practice!

Most content is based on the Diana Cooper teachings (Ascension) with additional  training practise on intuition to open your senses. That wonderful features we all have.

Image by Ilja Tulit

You learn

This certification training includes:

The Ethics
The Do’s and Don’ts
Vibrations & Dimensions
The 12 Chakra System & The GAPI Meditation
Your 12 Chakra System Activation

Diamond Lilac Violet Flame

Angelic Realm
Open your senses exercises
Spiritual Laws




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Get2Shine - Lightwork Fundamentals

Certification Training


14h total 
split into 3 online sessions

​€ 277.00*

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