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Image by Nika Akin

Shine! - Lightwork Mastery

Certification Training

14h online training
split in 3 or 4 sessions
(whatever suits you most)

Welcome beautiful Light Worker.
Now that you have accomplished the Foundation course 'Get2Shine' and started to do you wonderful light work for a while, it is time to become a master at your field.

Like in the foundation training you can expect a lot of new information, exercises and time to practice, practice, practice!

Image by Nika Akin

You learn

You will learn and practise:

Short Refresh Foundation Class
Releasing Cords and Vows
Cleans places, fields, areas


Building the Divine Light-Body
Create Energy Portals
The Art of Forgiving


The Ascendant Masters
Ascension Chambers

Lemuria and their healing Crystals

Instant Karma
Cleanse your family Karma


Perform Guided Meditations

Get2Shine Master Certification


Send me a message to schedule a call or meeting.
Learn more about the training or payment plans.
Looking forward to talk to you!

Shine! - Lightwork Mastery

Certification Training

14h total, online training

in 3 sessions

​€ 277.00*

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