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Get2Shine's values are

Integrity - Quality - Focus

Heart centered & Fun

My goal is to share knowledge, wisdom, and guidance for all who dare to embrace enhancement in all areas.

We can add to a better world.
And that starts with ourselves.


  Your job is to feel good.
 I'm delighted to assist you on that quest.

Let's start


If you shine, you do inspire others!

What's wrong with feeling inspired, motivated, clear and balanced?

It helps you go lighter through life.

Pink Blossom
Is it expensive?

It could be for it's value but no, it's not.
We usually sell those trainings triple the price.

As all facing many challenges and changes these days, I aim to inspire and strengthen as much people I can.
This is my way to turn challenging times into opportunities.

Ocean Rocks
How to start?

Here is the thing. It needs a decision.

That's your part. My part is to support your awesome decision step by step to get you to the enhanced level of living.

Trees From Above
The Methods

All methods have the same result. 
Enhancing your life.
 Personal Development is based on psychology.
Lightwork classes and Energy Healing is expanded with additional Spiritual Growth. 

Choose what is resonating most with you to bring you the best results.

An unusual combination for many and a magical power recipe when combining it all.  However, you don't have to!
Personal Development alone will already have an amazing impact on its own.
Spiritual Growth and Energy Healing is an additional plus
but  not a must to start your new journey!
Choose what resonates most with you right now.
This will be the most effective.

The Methods

There are three methodologies.
All having the same goal.

To heal & enhance your life!

Personal Development

1-on-1 Coaching & Classes online

Detailed photo of a halved backlit blue
Energy Healing from a Distance

Enjoy it from your home

Lightwork & Spiritual Growth

1-on-1 online classes & certifications

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