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Woman power, victory and winning concept

Take your power back!

4h online session with Gina

Your Benefits:

  • Discover and understand your worth.

  • Discover how powerful you are.

  • Enhance your life in all areas.

  • Set the direction of your life to where you truly want it to be.

  • Focus on YOUR goals & dreams.

  • Learn to say 'NO' and set your borders.

  • Be and stay empowered.

  • Go lighter through life.


And all with having fun!

Information, hands on exercises, tips and tricks you'll keep for ever! We encourage you to share this knowledge with your friends and family.

Woman power, victory and winning concept


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Take your Power back!


2,5h 1-on-1 online course

2,0h 1-on-1 personal coaching or healing

​€ 80.00*

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Life Enhancement Package Deal


2h 1-on-1 online course,

2h 1-on-1 coaching
2h Healing Session


​€ 120.00*

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