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Atlantean Healing™

Distance Healing

1  Atlantean Healing ™ Session
2h total 

Atlantean Healing™ is a high frequency healing modality combining ancient healing techniques together with the new ones given to us today.

Atlanteans believed that dis-ease is the  manifestation of energetic imbalances in the energy field. The Atlantean Healing™ sessions are designed to cleanse, align and balance those energy fields. Bring in balance and additionally:

  • cleans and healing the aura

  • cleans and align the 12 chakras

  • remove energetic blocks and cords

  • scan for physical imbalances

  • ask for the root causes

  • align the 5 elements

  • communicating the information received

  • providing guidance 

  • and much more...

Right after the session I will connect with you for additional feedback, information and guidance received during your session.

This wonderful Healing Energy should be available to everyone who desires to cleans and restore their energy field or get rid of low, heavy and tiring energies. Therefore check more details and the offers below to learn how you can take care of your wellbeing. 

Spinner Dolphins

The Atlantean Healing™

The Atlantean Healing™ energy channelled is high vibrational and very powerful.
And yet, it feels gentle and soft when receiving it. It will continue adjusting and balancing your energy fields for several hours after the session. 
Therefore blockages will be released with no sudden shifts.

​The Atlantean Healing™ sessions can be given from a distance or in person. Both methods have the same effectiveness.  However Distance Healing allows you to enjoy the session from your home or any other preferred location.  Wherever you

feel most comfortable. Think of it like your special relaxation time,  where you want to be undisturbed. ​ The Atlantean Healing™  itself takes approximately 60-90 minutes followed by a call right after your treatment. The practitioner will provide you with feedback  and further guidance received during the session. 

Each session is conducted by a certified Atlantean Healing Practitioner™ and Atlantean Angels, who will be assisting with the application of the energy and healing process. Atlantean Healing Practitioners™ are trained for using their intuitive skills and channelling the energy to bring you guidance right after your treatments. The practitioners respect the soul path and soul lessons of the client and support the clients on their path. 


 Gina was certified 2013 as an Atlantean Healing Practitioner™ and proceeded in 2018 for the Master Certification. This means she applies the  'advanced' methods of the Atlantean Healing ™ modules and works with the 12 Chakra system.
The Atlantean Healing Modules are channelled by Birkan Tore and are
taught internationally today.


We do not encourage, teach or promote any kind of medical diagnosis or promise to cure an already existing medical condition.  Practitioners are channels for the Atlantean Healing™ energy and use it to help and serve humanity and the planet on our path of healing.



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1  Atlantean Healing ™ Session

2 hours


​ € 60.00

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2  Atlantean Healing ™ Sessions


​ € 99.00

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3  Atlantean Healing ™ Sessions


​ € 132.00

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