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Soul Retrieval

Distance Healing

1 Soul Retrieval session 
1 hour

This 'Soul Retrieval' Healing Session is a very graceful, divine, high frequency and powerful healing method and one of the three modules of the 'Advanced Atlantean Healing ™ Sessions. 


The Soul Retrieval Healing Session is conducted by an 'Advanced Atlantean Healing Practitioner'  certified as 'Master Atlantean Healing Practitioner' and Atlantean Angels holding the highest frequency  to assist the session.  

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What is Soul Retrieval

The process of bringing back withdrawn pieces of a Soul
and reuniting them with the whole
is called Soul Retrieval.

Not everyone requires a 'Soul Retrieval' Healing Session as people do undergo and handle traumatic experiences in different ways.  While one person experiences a very dramatic impact another person might experience the same situation as less dramatic. Sometimes however, some traumatic experiences such as accidents, violence, abuse, loss etc. can have  a very deep and shocking impact on a person.  This can result for the Soul to use it's escape mechanism.  When that happens, particular pieces or fragments of the Soul choose to withdraw to escape.  This process is often referred as 'Soul loss'. 

The experienced practitioner holds the highest good of the client while reuniting the patient’s Soul with the missing pieces to complete the Soul and bring it back to it's wholeness. This completion allows the client to heal their past where these traumas have been taken place and allows a new fresh beginning. 

'Master Atlantean Healing Practitioners™' are trained for using their intuitive skills, communicate with the Angels and bring you guidance during and after your treatments. We do not encourage, teach or promote any kind of medical diagnosis or promise to cure an already existing medical condition. Practitioners are channels for the Atlantean Healing™ energy to help humanity and planet on our path of healing.


To define if the 'Soul Retrieval' Session is for you, you would know by now. For example, if what you have read, has draws your attention and makes sense to you,  is one sign desiring this session. You can always contact us for a complementary talk to learn and get appropriate guidance if this session is recommended or not necessary. No strings attached. We are happy to be of  service and look forward to hear from you. 


Fill in below form to get in touch with us or set your Soul Retrieval appointment. 

1 Soul Retrieval Session


ca 1 hour

​€ 80.00*

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* EU, all prices are excl. VAT

Atlantean Healing Package


All 3 Distance Healing's
for a one time fee of

​€ 120.00*

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* EU, all prices are excl. VAT

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