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Inner Deep Dive Sessions

1-on-1 online coaching with Gina

This online 1-on-1 sessions are extremely helpful for those who know that something has to change but haven't yet discovered the 'what' 'where' and 'how to start'. 

Your  Benefits:

  • Discover hidden blocks from the past

  • Allows healing to take place

  • Brings closure, inner peace and balance

  • Clarity and a clean path to move forward.

Many things are often still under the surface and hidden from us. With the 'Deep Dive Sessions'  you will discover what is hidden and needs attention.  Thus, the first step of healing!
Some clients describe it as "finding the missing peace's of a puzzle".

This is your inner journey with many surprising discoveries.  A true eye-opener!

You learn

 How to meet and get to know your inner child

How to release past issues for good

Unblock childhood memories to allow them to heal.

How to move forward fresh and with fun.


Other keywords during this coaching project are:
Inner Self, Inner Parents, Inner Child, Beliefs, Relationships, Emotions
Fear, Anger, Hurt, Forgiveness.

I'm ready for you when you are.


Please register below to schedule your course.

Coaching Package 1


4  online sessions with Gina  1-on-1

45 min each

for the one time fee of

​€ 88.00*

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Coaching Package 2


6  online sessions with Gina  1-on-1

45 min each

for the one time fee of

​€ 100.00*

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